Pippa's Story

Pippa talks about the ups and downs of living with the condition CHARGE. “Some days I have my moments, some days I wish I never had it,” she says, “but other days I just think `It’s me, it’s the way I am.’”

She likes to do the sort of things that everyone does – like looking after Lily her young niece, or spending time with her friends, or Rachel her Personal Assistant. They go out together, perhaps see a movie, or often they chat online. Normal stuff.

Creative activities are also important to Pippa. She loves drama, singing, writing and acting and took part in a film weekend for young people run by Sense recently. She’s also been on Sense holidays:

“I had a really good time. We went walking in mud, didn’t like that. We went walking in the river, didn’t like that. We went canoeing, I liked that! We went rock climbing, we went off a bridge on a rope that takes you down. It was scary, that. It’s an experience to try and you never forget it.”

First published: Thursday 18 February 2016
Updated: Thursday 18 February 2016