Parliamentary engagement

Sense regularly engages with parliamentarians to ensure that the voices of those we support are heard within government.

UK Parliament

We work with members from all political parties in both the House of Commons and House of Lords to raise the profile of the challenges affecting people who are deafblind and those with complex needs across the country.

This includes:

  • Meeting and engaging with MPs and Peers to support their work
  • Providing briefings and information to influence key pieces of legislation
  • Working with Select Committees and APPGs to inform their policy agendas and recommendations

London Assembly

We have also begun working with London Assembly Members to ensure that the key issues affecting the people we support are also raised in the Capital.  With the London Assembly elections taking place this year, Sense has been engaging with candidates from across the political spectrum and providing briefings on essential concerns such as transport and health.

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Thursday 30 March 2017