Our recycling banks

Our Sense purple and orange recycling banks are popping up all over the place. The recycling banks are a convenient and easy way to donate to Sense. You can donate good-quality clothing, books, shoes, and bric-a-brac.

Sense recycling bank

Through the donations of unwanted items, Sense can raise funds that are hugely important to our work in supporting deafblind adults and children across the UK.

Where can I find a Sense recycling bank?

Firstly, look on our online Local to you map. Just enter your postcode into the search facility and click our Recycling banks box, and your nearest bank will be highlighted. If there isn’t one close by, why not call in to one of our shops with your kind donation, or arrange a home collection!

We currently have this recycling facility in a variety of places, such as schools, supermarkets and shopping centres, and even in a country park!

What happens next?

Once a recycling bank is almost full, which happens quite quickly, one of our drivers collect the contents.

These items are then sorted into goods for our Sense shops or our warehouses. The goods are then further sorted into recycled goods or saleable items that you see in our shops.

Our recycling banks help to promote Sense, and often enable our host to organise other fundraising and specific donation campaigns.

How can I host a recycling bank? 

Our Sense trading department is always keen to hear from anyone who would be interested in hosting one of our recycling banks.

If you’d like to host one of our distinctive and colourful banks, and give a real boost to the lives of deafblind people, please call Brian Smith on 01322 554999 or 07966 999773.

First published: Wednesday 13 June 2012
Updated: Tuesday 25 July 2017