Our offices

Our main London, Wales, and Northern Ireland offices are central to a wide range of Sense operations.

Local to you

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Details of all our other offices can be found in the Local to you section. Just type in your postcode and select 'offices' to find a Sense office near you or view the full list here.

Sense offices are busy administrative hubs where our experienced and enthusiastic staff work to support deafblind people and their families, as well as undertaking our other roles such as fundraising, campaigning, and raising awareness of Sense and issues surrounding deafblindness.

Our staff are keen to receive phone calls, emails, correspondence, or to answer questions relating to our work, and will always try to put you in touch with the relevant person who can help you. 

For hire

Training and development courses, both internal and external, are frequently held at our fully equipped offices. In this section, too, you can see our facilities for hire, from flexible and accessible meeting rooms to video conferencing equipment, fitted phased array loop systems, arranged catering, and other office services.

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First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Monday 24 November 2014