Our Ambassadors

Sense has recruited inspirational deafblind people to work as our Ambassadors, speaking in public about their lives, their experiences and their passions.

Marcus Inniss, a Sense ambassador, laughing

Our ambassadors will help us raise awareness of deafblindness and the work Sense do to support and campaign for deafblind people across the UK and beyond.

With the Ambassador Scheme, we want to achieve:

Better public awareness of Sense and deafblindness
Who better to tell the story of deafblindness than deafblind people themselves?

Demystifying deafblindness
By promoting positive ­ and sometimes challenging ­ experiences of deafblindness we can give insight into what can often be misunderstood.

Celebration and engagement
We want to acknowledge and support deafblind people and their families in celebrating their lives and achievements.

What is the role of Sense Ambassadors?
They do all sorts of things - representing Sense, helping to increase public awareness, raise Sense’s profile, attend Sense events, participate in campaigns and speak to the public in all sorts of ways!

Molly Watt standing with her black labrador guide dog Uni

Who are the Sense Ambassadors?

We are delighted to have selected six Ambassadors to take part in this pilot Ambassador Scheme.

Meet Marcus

Meet Molly

Meet Leila

Meet Joe






First published: Tuesday 11 March 2014
Updated: Tuesday 6 December 2016