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In this section is a range of resources that you can order, subject to availability. Please note: as we are a charity, we must use our resources carefully and may have to limit requests for large amounts of our publications.

Sense has a number of publications relating to deafblindness which can be downloaded from or viewed on our website, or posted for delivery in England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland (subject to availability).  Please complete the online form below for postal orders, which we aim to dispatch within five working days. 

Overseas requests: We regret that we are unable to post publications overseas, but documents can be viewed on or downloaded from our Publications section or enquirers can email info@sense.org.uk with any specific requests.

Order publications

Booklets and leaflets

This guide is intended to support senior managers and policy makers involved in implementing the Care Act 2014 (England only). It will also be useful to anyone working in deafblind care and support to help them understand how the Care Act may affect their work.
This leaflet gives information about Sense Communicator Guide services and explains the role of a Communicator Guide.
Written particularly for parents of congenitally deafblind children who have been given one or two cochlear implants and the professionals working with them, this publication is a useful addition to the information supplied in the earlier Deafblindness and cochlear implantation booklet. The booklet discusses using cochlear implants in the home as well as at school, and explains how to monitor progress. (Due to low stock, only single copies will be sent out)
If you have an older relative who doesn’t see and hear too well, they may be struggling with daily life and you may not know how best to support them. This booklet aims to help you understand what your relative is going through, how you can help and where to go for more support.
A version of Enjoy Life specifically aimed at the South Asian community with key headings and tips translated into Gujarati.
This leaflet gives information about Sense Intervenor services and explains the type of support an Intervenor can offer.
A5 booklet and posters for healthcare staff
This guide is for local authorities and provider organisations and is relevant for those who provide specific and general sensory impairment services. It sets out what personalisation should look like from the perspective of people who use services. Making it Real is a set of “I” statements demonstrating what personalisation can achieve when working well.
These guidelines are aimed at those professionals who have a duty of care to deaf children. They aim to draw attention to the need for vision care for children born deaf. They also discuss the issues involved and offer best practice advice.
NDCS and Sense have worked together to produce this information for parents about how to make sure that their deaf child receives the right eye care
This booklet offers information and advice about hearing and sight loss for those working with older people. It explains what dual sensory loss is and how it affects older people. It also describes how older people can be supported in residential care and in their own homes.
This leaflet provides information about visual and auditory hallucinations which can be experienced by older people, as well as ideas on how to deal with them. (A version in Welsh is also available)
This leaflet, in Welsh, provides information about visual and auditory hallucinations which can be experienced by older people, as well as ideas on how to deal with them.
This guide offers advice on making your service accessible to people with sensory impairments. It covers everything you need to improve your service to open it up to a huge new customer base, and ensure that it complies with the Equality Act.
A general introductory leaflet, which provides information about Sense and deafblindness.

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