A young woman being shown how to play a small keyboardSense music programmes are focussed on harnessing the musical potential and ability of every person we support. Rhythm, percussion, vibration and play are at the heart of our music access programmes. Music is an incredible vehicle for new communication partnerships to emerge, and to tell stories in new, non-verbal ways.

In our various music programmes, we use a variety of different approaches and instruments for children, adults and older people to enjoy music. As well, we are committed to improving access for the people we support to attend music events and festivals and we work with a range of mainstream providers to improve access everywhere we can.

Our music programmes range from drumming and percussion groups to electronic and experimental bands.

A man playing a guitar with a teacher

The musicians we support have performed in a range of exciting venues and concerts, and we are committed to supporting people to reach their own vocational, educational and professional aspirations.

Music might seem like it could be inaccessible for people with multi-sensory impairments. We are interested in the limits of human auditory perception and finding new and adaptive ways for people to access music. Read below for some examples of programmes we have been working on…


Music projects

Create sensory music project - Supported by our fantastic Sense volunteers, participants were able to work alongside mums, dads, brothers and sisters to explore self-expression, musicianship and aliens.

No such thing as empty space

How in the World do we Know? - an experimental music performance and sound installation

Sense Christmas Carol - Getting a Result project team

Sensory Music with Create Arts

Sense@Keech at the Wilderness Festival


First published: Wednesday 5 March 2014
Updated: Monday 30 January 2017