MSI Curriculum

Dr Heather Murdoch, and colleagues from the MSI unit at Victoria School, Birmingham, have many years of experience in developing curriculum approaches for children who are deafblind / multi-sensory impaired.

In 2009, Heather structured and formalised these ideas into a curriculum document, with a view to sharing them more widely.

The curriculum addresses the particular learning needs of pupils with MSI who are working at P levels 1-8 - in order to give them the awareness, experience, understanding and learning skills they need to access National Curriculum programmes of study successfully. The issue of pupil progression is dealt with clearly and in a practical way.

What does the curriculum cover?

  • Social relationship and emotional development
  • Communication
  • Conceptual development
  • Sensory responses
  • Understanding time and place
  • Orientation, movement and mobility
  • Ownership of learning
  • Responses to routines and changes

It is published by Sense and is available for download.

Download the MSI Curriculum

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