More reasons to run for Team Sense

18 April 2017

The Virgin Money London marathon is just days away. From personal connections to lifetime goals, four members of Team Sense share their reason to run the London Marathon.

Smiling young woman

Becki Hemming

26 year old Becki who works for a communications agency has never run a marathon before. 

I'm really running the marathon because of my mum and her sheer determination and will power.

Becki says:

"I can't begin to imagine or empathise with what deafblind life is like for an individual or family and friends, so it seemed like an incredible cause to raise as much money as possible for.

Anything I can do to contribute in whatever minuscule way is a pleasure."

Smiling woman in sunglasses and running gear

Joanne Brodie

37 year old Joanne is running with her best friend. Joanne's son Beau is deafblind, and is supported by Sense.

There have been occasions when I haven't been able to run for a month but last week I ran 41k over a three day period.

Joanne says:

"My son Beau has inspired me to run for Sense, and the visits from Sense and the support they offer him.

I've never run a marathon before and until January 2016 I couldn't run around the block!"

Smiling man in Sense running shirt

John Halpern

49 year old John is a cryptic crossword setter. This will be his fifth marathon.

John says:

"I have blind friends. Heaven only knows what it is like to lack two senses. Sense's work is amazing!

To beat my record, 5h17 would be amazing, but I think I'll be slower this time, as I have thinking to do on the way!"

Katherine Beattie

35 year old Brownie leader Katherine has spent 15 years working in Special Education Needs (SEN) schools and is a full time carer to her three SEN children. This is her first ever marathon.

Katherine says:

"Sense was a massive part of my family’s life when I was growing up and continues to provide a lovely house and support for my brother, Rob, who lives in one of their residential homes in Birmingham."


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