Molly Watt

Molly Watt on the sofa with her guide dog Uni

“My gift of communication and understanding of my own condition allows me to help others by public speaking and raising awareness of this often misunderstood condition.

“I want those struggling with acceptance and dreading the future as deafblind individuals to realise life will change but with help and determination we can do amazing things.”

Molly is 20 years old and has got Usher syndrome.

Having been born deaf Molly knew nothing else but wearing hearing aids and was doing well until she was diagnosed with Usher syndrome at 12, meaning she had a progressive eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa and was then registered blind at 14.

Molly is a prolific blogger, campaigner, public speaker, writer and artist. In 2010 Molly was nominated and won Sense's Young Deafblind Person of the Year, and was nominated again for the award in 2014. 

As a Sense ambassador she regularly speaks at high profile fundraising events and blogs for the Sense website.

Some art by Molly - four different versions of her face

Molly recently represented Sense at its membership conference and also at the Badminton Horse Trials 2015, where she introduced a new audience to the issues around User and deafblindness.

Molly also runs her own charity Molly Watt Trust supporting those living with Usher.

Molly said: “Probably the best way to describe my journey through Usher would be frustrating but determined. Usher syndrome is not a death sentence but is incredibly challenging, without awareness and appropriate support it is easy to fall into depression and despair, I've been there and it is avoidable.

"My keywords for living with Usher syndrome would be support, determination, belief, desire, accessibility, technology and possibly the hardest speak up and tell your parents, teachers, support team what you need because it is only you who knows exactly what works for you.” 


First published: Tuesday 25 March 2014
Updated: Thursday 15 October 2015