Marcus Inniss

My story

Marcus Innis smiling at a Sense event

"I was born in London but spent several years in Guyana before returning to the UK.  I would like to challenge notions and preconceived ideas about deafblindness, thereby raising awareness of the disability; break down the stigmas surrounding deafblind people and show that we very much have the same aspirations and dreams as every other person.

Sense is all about empowering people to live a full, independent and active life. I hope to inspire others that even in times of difficulties there are Sense–able options!”

Marcus was born in London but spent several years in Guyana before returning to the UK.

In 2003 he was diagnosed with Usher syndrome with retinitis pigmentosa. This means he have a loss of peripheral vision and what remains is blurred. He has night-blindness and his hearing is at 40 per cent, so he needs to lipread. He was also diagnosed with dyspraxia which is associated with problems of perception, language and thought.

Marcus got first involved with Sense in 2011 after a recommendation from RNIB.  He says: “The support provided has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life.  I have seen things that I had no idea existed or were available to people like me. I have become fascinated about what Sense stand for, what it does and the impact it has on individual and families.

"I feel very privileged and blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with organisations like Moorfields, RNIB and now Sense. Together, these organisations have provided me with advice, a better understanding of my condition and the ability to manage it on a daily basis to lead a more fulfilling and desired life.”

Since becoming an ambassador, Marcus has fronted an awareness raising campaign, The Great Sense Pompom Challenge, supported the Sense fundraising team in their work with corporate sponsors and been paired with an established entrepreneur to help him develop his plans for starting a business.

Marcus’s hobbies and interests include digital media, arts, creative design, interior and architecture, martial arts, photography, travelling, sightseeing and wildlife. He is a creative and an entrepreneur.


First published: Tuesday 11 March 2014
Updated: Thursday 15 October 2015