Local authority children's services survey

06 November 2012

Sense has recently published its 2011 - 2012 survey of local authority services for deafblind/multi-sensory impaired children and young people.

The survey is focused on social care provision and the implementation of the children’s Deafblind Guidance.

This research has been approved by the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, whose support has been invaluable. It is designed to be used by local authorities to consolidate existing good practice, and as a tool to develop services.

The key findings of the survey include:

  • The average number of deafblind children identified is roughly ten per cent of independent estimates
  • There has been little change in the number of deafblind children identified since 2010
  • There has been an encouraging increase in the number of deafblind children being given a specialist assessment
  • 42 per cent of deafblind children who have been identified have still not been given a specialist assessment
  • There have been decreases in the numbers of deafblind children being given one-to-one support
  • The number of local authorities without a senior manager with overall responsibility for services for deafblind children remains far too high

 Next year's survey of children’s services will focus on education service provision.

Download the  survey