Leicester branch

The Sense Leicester Branch is a group for dual sensory impaired people, their partners and friends.

The meetings are varied with interesting speakers, talks, outings and information on coping strategies, and always social time when members can enjoy friendship and mutual support. Many members stay on for lunch in the excellent cafe.

Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month (except Bank Holidays) from 10.30am to 12.30pm and then lunch until 1.30pm at:

The Salvation Army
Ladysmith Road
Off Saffron Road
South Wigston
LE18 4UZ

We would like to give our grateful thanks to the Salvation Army Leicester South for use of their facilities and their continued support and friendship to our members.

For further information please contact either:

Lynda Jones, chairperson
Tel: 0116 2394390
Email: lynda.helen@talktalk.net


Di James – Secretary
Tel: 0781 8686048
Email: d1.james@hotmail.com

Chair Exercises

Leicester branch - Chair exercisesOur first meeting of 2016 was chosen to ward off the perils of over indulging at Christmas!

We were joined by a lady called Nisha Poppa who ran a seated exercise session. Although an experienced instructer this was the first time she had run a session for a group of deafblind people. Once I had explained that it would be necessary to give a full description of the required moves she adapted her session brilliantly.

Nisha began with gentle warm up stretches for the arms and legs and then progressed to slightly stronger moves. Nisha firmly believes that laughter is a great for health and well being, and also exercises the inner body. With this in mind the group was asked to individually say our name followed by laughing out loud. Although we were all rather self conscious about doing it the room was soon engulfed with laughter and happiness.

Leicester branch - Voice exercisesIt was lovely to see everyone joining in as the photographs show. We were even joined by the Grandson of one of the Salvation Army Staff who was there because of a teacher day, so both young and old found it great fun.
All our memberes enjoyed the session so much that they would certainly like Nisha to come back again next year.

Di James

Dates for the diary

Monday 2 January
No meeting as bank holiday

Monday 7 February
Heather Broughton - Touching history

Monday 6 March
Peter coombs - Being an extra in films and television

Monday 3 April
Lesley Harris from nature's dispensary in Oakham on herbal remedies

Monday 1 May
No meeting as Bank Holiday

Monday 5 June
Ray Hopkins - street pastor, the man who god changed

Monday 3 July
Outing- to be discussed

Monday 7 August
AGM and bring and buy sale for fundraising, plus subscription payment

Monday 4 September
Exercise session

Monday 2 October
Sandra Herbert - Radio Leicester

Monday 6 November
A quiz with mick

Monday 4 December
To be arranged

Introducing Pat Cree - Leicester Branch Member

Pat Cree -Leicester Branch MemberI was first diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in the right eye in 2001. Even with the loss of sight in one eye I could cope, but then five years later the loss of sight in my other eye was completely life changing.

Despite my condition I am still able to crochet and knit, and very occasionally paint with wax and acrylics. Some of my acrylic work was featured in Talking Sense, Spring 2013. I have a life long interest in art and spent ten years working at Gadsbys. This is a long established art suppliers business, which is run by the family, and has been in the Leicester Market Place for many years. Many famous faces used the shop and I was privelidged to meet them during my time there in 1960's.

I have a son and daughter and two wonderful grandchildren, who bring me great happiness and support along with my caring husband. I am a member of the Salvation Army and as well as services I attend the Gardening Club, Fellowship, the Over 55's. Our Sense Leicester Branch meetings are also held here, and I help organise events for the programme and with fund raising.

One of my other sources of enjoyment is the Vista Talking Book Group, which is another great way to share fellowship with those who understand the problems of visual impairment.


First published: Tuesday 14 July 2015
Updated: Monday 23 January 2017