Learning and Interactions Conference - statement of accessibility

What we will do to make the event run smoothly for you

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Sense and Seashell Trust want to make the conference accessible to everyone who attends and will work with you to ensure access to information and communication is right.

So please tell us what you need to be able to participate fully in the conference. The start point is the online conference registration form where you can outline any requirements you have - we will then be in touch to discuss details further.


  • Written materials before, during and after the event will use a sans serif black font at 12 point on white paper – if you require information in an alternative format or in advance you will be given the chance to request this during online registration.
  • Electronic documents will be tested with screen readers and by those who need to adjust font size and colour, but if you cannot access any documents then let us know and we will get it to you in an alternative format.
  • Details and updates about the conference will be published on the Sense website.


  • All participants will be reminded about their responsibility to be good communication partners and for the need for everyone to work together to ensure communication goes well.
  • If you are bringing your own communication support team please tell us using the registration form, and we will do our best to support this process. Those supporting communication or mobility will not be charged a registration fee.
  • A loop system will be in operation in the plenary room. Workshop rooms will also have a loop system if this will aid participant communication - information will be gathered using the registration form.

Support for communication professionals

  • All interpreters and communication support professionals will be briefed on the content of the programme in advance, via email.
  • Should communication support professionals have any concerns during the conference a member of the organising team will be available to discuss any issues.

The venue / getting around

  • The venue is fully accessible. Members of the organising team will be on hand throughout the conference to help signpost you to where you are trying to go.
  • The conference venue, Manchester Central, is in the heart of Manchester city centre.

After you leave

  • There will be an opportunity to provide feedback. Your views are important to us and will ensure the success of future conferences.
  • Contact details for the conference team will be available on this website after the conference. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the conference further do not hesitate to get in touch.

If anything is not working for you during the conference, please find a member of the organising team and we will work with you to find a solution. Please also contact us to discuss any aspect of the event either before or afterwards.


First published: Wednesday 22 July 2015
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015