Learning and Interactions Conference

Sense and Seashell Trust hosted their Learning and Interactions Conference on 15 September 2015 with 150 delegates attending.

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From a range of fields, these professionals came to see how they could support people to live more meaningful and enriched lives. The programme was designed to share current practice and new knowledge. The day featured plenary talks from Dr Jan van Dijk, leading practitioner, researcher and advocate in the field of deafblindness, Graham Firth, Director of the Intensive Interaction Institute, and Gail Deuce, specialist in CHARGE syndrome, which were all well received.

The afternoon then introduced the idea of workshop sessions which were interactive and led by a variety of speakers including Steve Rose, Head of Children’s Specialist Services and Megan Mann, Senior Acquired Deafblind Practitioner. Topics included wellbeing and complex needs, employment, dysphagia, sensory integration, sleep and transition.

Some feedback received said the following:

"Extremely varied - met my needs and connected with my current role"

"Fabulous, well organised and well synchronised to meet participant's needs"

"Extremely enjoyable and relevant, has been great to liaise with others and identify new areas for development"

"There was a good range of workshops to attend - I would like to have attended more!"

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First published: Wednesday 22 July 2015
Updated: Tuesday 1 December 2015