Kay Mellor OBE

Kay Mellor OBEA Writer, Actor and Director

I am really pleased to lend my support to the Vision 5K Walk being run by Sense, the national charity who campaign and support the 250,000 deafblind people across the UK, helping them to become full and active members of society. The walk is a fantastic family day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 17 March 2013, where you’ll be blindfolded to explore some of the amazing sculptures in the Park and appreciate just what it can be like to be deafblind.

As a writer, my sight and hearing are vital – I cannot imagine what it must be like to be without these senses. Please support Sense by signing up for the Vision 5K Walk and enjoy a fabulous day out at the beautiful Sculpture Park.



First published: Thursday 27 December 2012
Updated: Friday 14 March 2014