It All Adds Up: A guide for healthcare staff on supporting patients with a dual sensory loss

One in twenty of your patients over the age of 75 are likely to be classed as deafblind.

It Alll Adds Up coverThey will have a moderate or severe hearing loss and a moderate or severe sight loss. The combination of the two adds up to a serious disability which will impact on their lives and health.

Older people who are deafblind have higher rates of a range of conditions, including stroke, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, falls and depression. Sense estimates the cost of treating these additional conditions to be £365,000,000 per year.

Support is available to older people who are deafblind which would help keep them active, independent and healthy. Yet few receive appropriate services.

We have produced a pack for healthcare staff, It All Adds Up, which you can download here:

Download It All Adds Up (PDF)
Download It All Adds Up (interactive PDF)

You can request print copies from our information and advice team.


First published: Tuesday 19 May 2015
Updated: Tuesday 1 December 2015