Intervenors in Action DVD

Do you know what an intervenor does? Do you know who intervenors work with?

The Children’s Specialist Services team at Sense have produced a new DVD called Intervenors in Action to answer these and other questions about intervenors.

View an excerpt from Intervenors in Action below.

The Intervenors in Action DVD includes sections on:

  • What an intervenor is
  • What intervenors do in education and in social activities
  • What the training to become an intervenor involves
  • How intervenors work with families. Our DVD includes examples of intervenors working with both children and adults

The DVD can help you to understand more about the role of an intervenor and can also enable you to explain the role to others, such as local authority workers who are responsible for assessing and providing services for you or a member of your family.

It can also be included in training materials that explain the role of an intervenor.

Sense would like to thank those who worked with us on the making of this DVD. We received support from children and adults who receive intevenor services and their families, for which we are very grateful. We also received support from the University of Birmingham; University of Northampton; Hertfordshire County Council; Thomas Wolsey School, Ipswich; and the TouchBase South East, London. 

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