InterpretersLive! service

17 April 2015

Sense has decided to introduce video remote interpreting so that people who use British Sign Language (BSL) can contact us via the phone, and that staff who require a BSL interpreter (including those with Access to Work (ATW) contracts) can access one remotely if it meets their needs.

We are delighted to be working with Sign Solutions and their InterpretersLive! service. It will be a valuable addition to face-to-face interpreting that is already available in different ways across the organisation.

With video remote interpreting a person who uses BSL communicates with a hearing person via an interpreter. The interpreter joins the conversation via a video and audio link. The person using BSL and the hearing person may be in the same room (sometimes called Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)), or they may be in separate locations (sometimes called Video Remote Services (VRS). The person using BSL needs a video link to the interpreter, the hearing person needs an audio link to the interpreter.

Contact us through a sign language interpreter here

Anyone who wants to contact us via a remote interpreter can go to the InterpretersLive! page and follow the instructions or click on the button.