Individual support in the community

Sense Communicator Guides and intervenors can help deafblind people, their families, carers, and the professionals who work with them, with specialist support exactly where it’s needed – in the home or community.

A man and a woman at the supermarketOur Communicator Guides provide deafblind people who have dual-sensory loss, or acquired deafblindness, with practical assistance in everyday tasks.

Our experienced Sense intervenors use their expertise to support adults and children who are congenitally deafblind. Acting as enablers in person-centred programmes, intervenors help to promote the person’s social and personal development on a one-to-one basis.

Also across this section you can find a wealth of information about services provided by trained and experienced staff and volunteers for deafblind children, young people and their families, as well as great family days out, and holidays and short breaks for people of all ages with sight and hearing impairments.

First published: Thursday 22 March 2012
Updated: Tuesday 23 August 2016