HSI South

HSI UK South – stands for Hearing and Sight Impaired, a group in the south of England.

Our members are:

  • a voluntary group of people who rely on hearing aids and cochlear implants, use English as a first language and who also have a visual problem (many of us have Usher syndrome).
  • their spouses / partners / friends.
  • others who wish to assist the group to achieve their goals.

We aim to: 

  • provide events and activities to avoid people feeling isolated.
  • campaign for the needs and rights of HSI people.
  • provide peer support, advice and accessible information
  • influence policy making and services within Sense and other charity organisations.

Geographical location: 

Our meetings and socials typically take place in London and the south east of England.

For more information contact: 

Birgit Fiebig, HSI UK South Secretary

Email: birgit.fiebig@gmail.com

Josie Bell, Family Liaison Officer

Sense, 9a Birkdale Avenue, Selly Oak, Birmingham. B29 6UB

Email: josie.bell@sense.org.uk

Tel: 0121 415 6744 / Mob: 07990 751690 / Text: 0121 415 2720

Dates for the diary

Committee meetings 2016

  • 6 February
  • 23 April
  • 9 July
  • 8 October

Branch Socials 2016

  • 23 April - Visit ‘Shakespeare Globe’, HSI’s AGM and Pub Lunch
  • May date TBC
  • 6/13 August TBC
  • 26 November

Meet our committee:

Des Lucy

Vice Chairperson
Marylin Kilsby

Treasurer  and Social Event Coordinator
Diane Lucy

Birgit Fiebig

Social Event Coordinator
Margaret Pickess

Advisor on General and Campaign issues
Mark Pampel

Advisor on General and Campaign issues
Russ Palmer

Advisor on European and Academic issues
Riitta Lahtinen  

Advisor on General and Campaign issues
Nadeem Aivi
Steve Plowman

Web Page content Administrator
Kevin Lucy

Branch News

HSI UK South Visit to Kew Gardens, Saturday 5 September 2015

This social event was billed as a Guided Walking Tour of Kew Gardens.  Despite not knowing the walking distance involved, twenty-three intrepid members of HSI UK South congregated at the Victoria Gate of Kew Gardens to await our guides.  Two other members, Des and Diane Lucy, Chair and Treasurer / Socials Organiser respectively, had to drop out, as at 5.35 a.m. that morning their second grandson was born.

The three guides, plus a volunteer sign language interpreter, all provided by Kew Gardens, were marvels.  We were divided into three groups, one for people who relied on tactile, rather than visual, information plus two more groups where most had some sight.  The sign language interpreter joined one of these latter groups.  We visited the famous Palm House, where we all had opportunity to learn about the history of the House and some of its contents as well as see and feel (and occasionally smell) flowers, leaves and fruit.  There was a plant in there which was over two thousand years old.

We also visited the Princess of Wales house which is divided into several zones representing areas of different heat and humidity, where we had the opportunity to feel (gingerly) cacti with, in some cases, very large, sharp thorns as well as wonder at the beautiful flowers in various hues.  Finally, we entered the Water Lily House, where the largest water lily leaves, which were about six feet (2 metres) in diameter, had upturned edges about two inches (5 centimetres) high.

After the tours finished, we enjoyed lunch and some free time before leaving the Gardens and visiting a nearby pub where people had a nice meal and a drink together and continued socialising.  All in all, it was a very enjoyable and successful day.

HSI UK South Kew Gardens Trip

First published: Wednesday 6 January 2016
Updated: Tuesday 20 December 2016