How to get publicity

The aim of publicity is to catch people's attention and communicate your key messages. It can help you make your point to the people you want to influence, tell people about your campaign and its successes, and encourage them to support it.

How can you get publicity?

  • Produce and write your own publicity through posters, leaflets, blogs, social media platforms (like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram) and blogs
  • Write letters to editors, provide a press release or be interviewed by  local or national newspapers, radio or television
  • Contact relevant campaign organisations (like Sense) who may like to provide coverage


  • Find out whether there is any coverage already happening which is linked to your topic
  • Plan and practise what you want to say so that you feel confident and can remember it all
  • Make your key points clear
  • Be short and concise, keeping it simple and clear
  • Use reliable information
  • Include personal stories
  • Remember that journalists are on your side - they want to produce a good article or programme

If you would like support or advice from the Sense PR and media team, or would just like to get in touch, contact us:

Telephone: 020 7014 9379 (out of hours: 07770 580 843)

First published: Wednesday 5 April 2017
Updated: Wednesday 5 April 2017