How to get information

The most effective way to obtain information is through research on the internet. It could also be through meetings, libraries or formal requests from organisations.

If you need information from public sector organisations, such as facts and figures, then The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to access certain information. If the information is about yourself, the Data Protection Act gives you the right to access it. You must make requests in writing.

For accessible information, always ask for the format you require. For example, you can ask the library if they have assistive technology for information not accessible to you. Remember that The Equality Act requires service providers to make reasonable adjustments to enable disabled people to access their services. Often, providing information in an accessible format is a reasonable adjustment. In occurrences where it is not possible, then you may need to look for an alternative way to access material or find another source that is accessible.

First published: Wednesday 5 April 2017
Updated: Wednesday 5 April 2017