Growing Stronger Together 2013 - picture report

Caption: a group of people gather in a circle and all touch hands, smiling and happy.

Lots of people involved with Sense gathered together on the 19th October in Reading.

Caption: a deafblind lady and her guide talk to the Sense information team.

They had the chance to find out more information about Sense, what we do and what is going to happen in the future.

A deafblind man and a lady talk to each other using deafblind manual, finger spelling on the hand.

Lots of attendees meet new people who are also deafblind, shared experiences with family members and learned some new communication methods.

Peter Cheer, Director of Operational Services Group, Terry Gilbert, Sense volunteer, and Gill Morbey, Sense CEO smile for a photo

The Sense Senior team were on hand to answer any burning questions, chat about Sense and have a few photos taken.

A large group of people are seated in a meeting room watching a presentation, there are BSL interpreters and note takers in the room.

Attendees also had the chance to take part in workshops to learn more about Sense latest aims and goals.

Two participants dance with colourful batons in the foreground while two more lady’s do the same in the background.

There was even some dancing!

A deafblind teenager listens to the sounds from a sensory toy, two volunteers sit with him on the floor.

A Leisure Club ran with the help of volunteers for those who were younger or didn’t want to attend the conference.

A smiling young girl gets a henna tattoo on her forearm from a henna artist. She has chosen her design from a sheet in front of her.

After the conference had finished some attendees stayed on for an Indian themed social with henna art.

A close up shot of a henna tattoo. The design is on the attendees hand and is of a large flower with swirls and dots spreading out from the centre of the back of their hand towards the wrist and fingers.

A deafblind boy reclines against a bean bag with a large gong behind him, a man is making vibrations by hitting the gong.

Relaxing Gong Therapy

In the foreground a piece of Rangoil art is placed on the table. The art is vibrantly coloured in pink and yellow and is in the shape of a large flower, a lady stands on a chair to take a photo of it from above. In the background people sit chatting and walking around the room.

And created a giant piece of collaborative Rangoli art

Two attendees are smiling standing next to the feedback tree. The tree is cut out of wood, raised so people can feel it and displayed on an easel. Delegates have made finger prints on the picture and written words which sum up the day for them.

Arthur Ellis, a deafblind artist, created a Feedback Tree which was used to gather delegate’s thoughts and ideas about the event. Delegates made finger prints around the tree and wrote a word which summed up the event for them.
The Rangoli art and Feedback Tree are now displayed at Sense’s Head Office in London for all to see.

First published: Friday 29 November 2013
Updated: Thursday 15 October 2015