Groups and communities

Our enthusiastic, active and welcoming groups, branches, communities and networks are a vital part of Sense.

Birmingham Deafblind Forum members chatting to each otherThe communities and groups are especially helpful to, and supportive of each other.

With a common interest in deafblindness and its associated issues, people come together to share ideas, experiences, information and fun.

Keeping in touch

Our groups and communities keep in touch virtually and socially, through get-togethers, days out and clubs, and regular newsletters, while our deafblind forums give people a chance to feed back to us or swap tips.

Sense branches, groups and communities have a real and beneficial impact on those involved – deafblind adults and children, their families and carers, as well the professionals and carers who work with them.

Join in

Why not contact one of our friendly branches? Their days out and weekends offer the whole family an opportunity to try challenging activities, with plenty of socialising, news to share and catching up to be done.

Social media

You may want to check out our Facebook page. It’s a great way to view, comment on and discuss our latest stories and opinions. You can also see at a glance our upcoming fundraising events – an opportunity to grab yourself a place on one of our challenges, or sponsor someone who’s going that extra mile for Sense.

And our Twitter page has up-to-the-minute posts of what we’re doing, and what’s important to Sense.

Inside Café 55 with people sitting at tables and socialising

Café 55

Café 55 is Sense’s flagship community café in Exeter and is run by deafblind and disabled volunteers.

It is open to the general public on Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 4pm. Follow Café 55 on Facebook.


First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Monday 13 April 2015