Generate your own publicity

Regional media in your area are always on the lookout for good news stories.

"How do I get publicity?"

At Sense, we actively encourage people to tell their own stories, because if it gets in the local papers it generally helps to make asking for sponsorship from your friends and family easier.

The process is simple. Think about the most exciting aspects of your event to tell in your story.

This could be how you are raising money, if you are dressing up, if your work is getting involved, what your family think etc. And feel free to tell us about anything else you think we should know – for example, perhaps it’s your birthday on the day or you’re running with your brother, sister, mother or son.

Find or take a photo of yourself if possible. Many local papers will print a picture – particularly if you are in your Sense running vest or a fancy dress costume!

Contact the PR team at or telephone 020 7014 9378 with your story and the PR team will develop a short press release for you. On your behalf, we’ll send the press release to your local media.

Receiving publicity in your local press is not just a great way of helping you to reach your fundraising target, but it will also raise awareness of Sense and the life-changing work we do.

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Tuesday 23 April 2013