Fundraising tips & ideas

Before you start planning your event it is important to consider the following top 10 tips:

  1. Sense collection boxStart your fundraising NOW - The sooner you start, the more you will collect
  2. Be prepared - Planning how you are going to raise your sponsorship money from start to finish can save you a lot of time and hassle later. Start making separate lists of family, friends, colleagues and business contacts that you are going to ask to sponsor you
  3. Personalise your mission - Why are you undertaking this challenge? Let people know that you are fundraising for Sense and let them know why
  4. Get the money first - Try and get as much of the money as you can prior to the challenge as people lose interest quickly and find excuses not to pay up
  5. If you don’t ask, you won’t get! Just about everyone will give something to charity, but very few will give without being asked. Sense depends on people asking others to give money, so don’t feel guilty about asking
  6. Start each sponsorship sheet with a high pledge - Such as £10.00 per mile - this will set the level of giving for everyone else to follow!
  7. Check to see if the company you work for runs a matched giving scheme - Some companies require you to notify them of your intention to raise money in order that you can qualify - so ask now!
  8. Think creatively - Don’t rely entirely upon sponsorship for your fundraising. If you organise pub quizzes, raffles, coffee mornings etc, your sponsors will have fun and will want to reward your efforts by giving more generously
  9. Keep everyone up-to-date - Make sure you keep people who have helped you up-to-date with your current fundraising total and what other activities you have got planned. Hopefully it will keep them interested and more likely to help you again
  10. Keep it legal - When fundraising, you need to be aware of the law and how it might affect your activities. For example, if you decide to do a house-to-house collection you will need to apply for a licence. For further information please contact us

Fundraising ideas

  • At school - Auction your teacher to do your homework, hold a silly hair day or challenge your class to a sponsored silence or read. Why not form a fundraising committee and support us all year round?
  • Sporting events - Whatever your sport is, we want to help you turn it into a fundraiser. From darts to dogs, rollerblading to rock-climbing, running miles to running marathons, we will support you on your way
  • Extreme challenges - Have you ever thought of doing something completely out of the ordinary – a once in a lifetime challenge? Our supporters have cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats, swum the English Channel and even rowed the Atlantic
  • Foreign currency - Ask your friends to donate any foreign currency they may have collected on holiday, you can change it at a bank and send the equivalent amount in a sterling cheque
  • At work - Nominate us as your charity of the year and organise fundraising in your workplace with colleagues; hold a dress down day, quizzes, breakfast club or a raffle, swear box – the ideas are endless!
  • With friends - Get together with your friends and family. Turn everyday get-togethers into a fast fundraiser. Friends for coffee? Family barbecue? Murder Mystery supper?
  • Glamorous events - A lot of hard work, but tremendously rewarding. We have experience of supporting golf days, fashion shows, dances, concerts and other glamorous events and we’ll be delighted to help you organise yours
  • Food - Where to begin? Hold a cake sale with decadent chocolate treats, hold a coffee morning with homemade biscuits, have a curry night…
  • Celebrations - When you are celebrating that special occasion why not suggest to your friends and family that they make a donation to Sense in your name, instead of giving you a gift?

We’re right behind you

We have a dedicated Community Fundraising team who can support you with your fundraising ideas and needs.

If you are interested in fundraising, please contact us by emailing or call us on 0300 330 9257. 

We would love to hear your plans.

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Wednesday 19 March 2014