Fair care for the future

Why social care matters for deafblind people

Fair care for the future report coverOur Fair care for the future report describes deafblind people’s experiences of social care in England and Wales. It shows that deafblind people need the social care system to work in particular ways to meet their needs – but this often doesn’t happen. 
Deafblind people already have concerns about the existing social care system, and so it is doubly important that social care reform makes sure that deafblind people’s needs are met. 
It is vital that those who are making decisions about the future of social care understand the variety of specialist care and support that deafblind people may need. 
We asked deafblind people, and the people who support them, to tell us, anonymously, about their experiences of social care. Their voices are at the core of this report. 
“My daughter couldn’t survive without social care support”

“It would be different if I got help. Hopefully, it would enable me to go out and communicate with more people”

“I am fed up being worried and frightened because they threat to cut or less my hours”

“I don't get any social or leisure activity because without support I can't get out of my flat.”

“I eventually got a specialist assessment after trying for five years”
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Fair care for the future report - Wales

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First published: Sunday 12 August 2012
Updated: Tuesday 1 December 2015