Everyday-living aids

A wide range of personal and household aids are available which have been especially designed to help people with sensory impairments to live independently, and to make the environment more comfortable and secure.

Speaking microwaveThese ideas are just as useful in places of work or elsewhere where aids to everyday living are required.

Take a look at the following pages which look at alerting systems, listening aids, lighting, magnifiers, mobility aids and tactile markers.

Such devices can make a huge difference to the peace of mind or the quality of an environment for a person with a sight or hearing impairment. The Disabled Living Foundation offer tools to help people identify what every day technology might help. See AskSARA and Living made easy.

With short explanations, the pages also suggest stockists for the aids.

Alerting systems


Listening aids


Mobility aids

Tactile markers

First published: Tuesday 22 May 2012
Updated: Friday 23 January 2015