Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young has supported Sense since 2005, and has played a major role in the Sense Corporate Development Board and the Sense in the City series of events.

Ernst & Young logoIn 2009, the event Expression through Art was organised by a disability working group that was started by Ernst & Young, and featured displays of pieces created by deafblind artists at Sense day centres. Members of the group included representatives from professional London firms, with Ernst & Young hosting the event.

Expression through Art gave a rare and interesting insight into deafblindness. The event, open to other professional service firms, allowed deafblind artists to share their experiences with Ernst & Young staff, as well as members from Accenture, Clifford Chance and KPMG that are represented on the disability working group.

A silent auction of the art raised over £3,000. The artists were thrilled to learn that their work was appreciated by business professionals.

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First published: Friday 25 May 2012
Updated: Wednesday 30 March 2016