Enjoy life

Pictures of two older women from the covers of the Enjoy Life booklets

Do you know an older person who has poor sight and hearing, and want to know the best way to help them?

As people get older, they are much more likely to have sight and hearing problems.  They may start to struggle with daily life and find it hard to get out and about. They may also find it difficult to hold a conversation or keep in touch.  It is easy to assume that this is just a 'part of getting older' and that there is nothing that can be done. 

When a friend or family member starts to have problems with their hearing and their vision they might start to withdraw from social situations, avoid family gatherings or activities they have enjoyed in the past and you might find that when you are with them, that having an easy conversation or doing activities together is difficult.  It can be difficult to know where to turn to for advice and support, and what you can do to help them continue to make the most out of life.

Our booklet 'Enjoy Life' aims to help you understand what an older person is going through, how you can help and where to go for more support.

Read the Enjoy Life booklet

We now have two versions of Enjoy Life both of which were designed in consultation with older people and their families and friends, and the professionals who support them. The first is designed for all and the second has been designed specifically for South Asian communities and has key titles and messages translated into Gujarati. Click the images below to open the interactive pdfs:

Enjoy Life booklet coverEnjoy Life - version for South Asian communities cover
Enjoy Life booklet (interactive PDF)
Enjoy Life booklet (standard PDF)
Enjoy Life booklet (Word - text only)
Enjoy Life booklet for South Asian communities (interactive PDF)
Enjoy Life booklet for South Asian communities (standard PDF)
Enjoy Life booklet for South Asian communities (Word - text only)

To order free copies of the booklet click here or contact our Information and Advice Service.

Enjoy Life – key messages in Khichree

Please watch our video produced in partnership with Ramesh Verma OBE founder of the Ekta Project, who will share with you the key messages from Enjoy Life in Khichree (a combination of different South Asian dialects).  This video also has English subtitles.

With thanks to the Department of Health’s Innovation, Excellence and Strategic development grant for providing the funding for the development of these resources

First published: Tuesday 17 February 2015
Updated: Tuesday 1 December 2015