'It’s the best activity I can go to. I like acting. I like pretending to be someone different, something else'

'Acting is film, theatre, dance'

'Characters, traits, different communication, different voices'

A group of people performing Sense of SpaceSense drama and theatre programmes provide performing arts training, workshops and performance opportunities for children, young people and adults with sensory impairments and other disabilities.

We work with mainstream and inclusive theatre companies and practitioners to deliver each of our programmes.

Everyone comes together in a fun, creative and inclusive environment. Sense is committed to empowering the people we support to use creativity, expressions and teamwork to improve interpersonal communication skills and boost confidence.

As well, we are passionate about sensory theatre and performance and we support artists with multi-sensory impairments to be innovative, imaginative and challenging in all the work they create.

Woman and man in a bear costume performing at a Christmas show in Exeter

Sense knows that every person we support has stories to tell and we are determined to find new ways for their voices to be heard.

Going to the theatre isn’t always the most accessible option for everyone. The environment, interpreter options, physical accessibility and even the traditional form of proscenium arch are hardly ideal, and sometimes the solutions that venues provide create even more barriers. That’s why we are committed to raising the profile of multi-sensory impaired people in the performing arts sector!


Drama projects

Sense of Space - a multi-sensory performance by deafblind artists

Drama group at Providence Court in Exeter


First published: Wednesday 5 March 2014
Updated: Wednesday 10 May 2017