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Close up photo of Elliot

Your gift to Sense, however large or small, will make a real difference to deafblind people’s lives.

By making an online donation you can support our vision of a world in which all deafblind children and adults can be full and active members of society.

Imagine being unable to express when you are in pain, hungry, or to tell your family that you love them.

For Elliot, like so many other deafblind children and their families, this is a reality.

How Sense supports Elliot

Elliot came to Sense and our staff were able to offer him an assessment. With this knowledge, we could provide specialist therapy and help Elliot to learn how to communicate with his mother and begin to understand the world around him.

Elliot no longer lives in a world of silence or darkness.

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However you choose to help deafblind adults and children - thank you.