Deafblind forums

Sense forums offer deafblind people the chance to meet up regularly in their local area. They are open to any deafblind person who would like to join – perhaps sitting in on a meeting first to see if it is a group they would like to join.

A small number of forums are just for people who use a Sense service. Other forums are for people who have been deafblind all their lives or for people who have lost their sight and hearing later in life. All the forums meet about four times a year.

If you would like to volunteer for a Sense forum, please contact:

Information and Advice team
Tel:  0300 330 9256
Textphone:  0300 330 9256

What you can expect from your local forum

  • To be able to tell Sense what you want
  • To have your say about what Sense should do
  • Information about Sense and other services
  • Practical tips about technology and equipment
  • The chance to meet other people who have had similar experiences to you
  • To exchange useful information and ideas
  • To make friends and have fun

Find a deafblind forum near you

Talking about forums

In this short film, people talk about the difference that being a member of a forum makes to them: the friendships they've made, the information they've gained and what they hope to achieve.

"You make new friends - and we've now got a project that we can all interact with and, hopefully, get some issues that we feel are important to us resolved."

Ian, a member of the Isle of Wight forum, talking about the importance of getting together with other people:

You can also download our leaflet about forums.

First published: Monday 11 June 2012
Updated: Thursday 28 April 2016