Deafblind Awareness Week 2016

Deafblind Awareness Week 2016 is in the last week of June, with activities taking place from Friday 24 June to Sunday 3 July.

Events and activities

Throughout the week, events and activities will be happening across the UK. From concerts to coffee mornings - our volunteers, shops, communities, and services, will be raising money and awareness.

Support us

Emma works at Woodside, our family centre, and shares her experience of living with CRS (Congentail Rubella Syndrome), working with deafblind people, and why Deafblind Awareness Week is so important.

You can watch the embedded video below or view it on YouTube.

Join the conversation

During Deafblind Awareness Week 2016, we'll be sharing stories on social media about community fundraising activities and events that are taking place. We'll also be talking about the particular challenges of dual sensory loss in older people.

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Older people and deafblindness

There's an estimated 250,000 deafblind people in the UK, of which 222,000 are over the age of 70.

It's predicted that there could be as many as half a million deafblind people by 2030.

As people get older, they often start to experience problems with their hearing and vision. The challenges this can bring are often missed because it's seen as a normal part of ageing.

Sensory loss can make it difficult to keep in touch with friends and family, take part in activities, and stay independent.

It's really important to recognise the early signs of hearing and sight loss in those around us, so older people can get the right support at the right time and continue to enjoy life.

Enjoy Life booklet

Enjoy Life is a free booklet that will help you understand what an older person is going through, how you can help, and get support.

The booklet covers:

  • Understanding hearing and sight loss
  • Different ways to communicate
  • Access to information
  • Ways of getting around
  • Maintaining home independence
  • Getting specialist support
  • Enjoying life
  • Where to go for more information

Read more about the free Enjoy Life booklet to get information and advice on how to support older people with sight and hearing problems.

First published: Tuesday 7 June 2016
Updated: Thursday 30 June 2016