David Stone MBE

David Stone MBETriple Paralympic gold medalist

Both as a child and adult I spend much of my time exploring the outdoors, both on and off the bike.  Cycling gave me independence, an outlet for my frustrations through a difficult education and a vehicle to go further afield in search of adventure. I have raced internationally from the age of fifteen and won a bronze and a gold medal at the Paralympic Games in London.  I am delighted to lend my support to the Vision 5k, a chance to explore the fantastic Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and support Sense, the national charity for deaf and blind people.  I fully support Sense in its work to ensure that deafblind people can live a fruitful existence, learn tools to overcome the many obstacles that they will face in life and to offer the opportunity of new adventures. 

Come along to the Vision 5k Walk, have a fantastic day out with your family and friends and help to raise funds and change lives. Have a great time everyone!

First published: Friday 28 December 2012
Updated: Friday 14 March 2014