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Rebecca rewarding creative writing

Everybody experiences the world in their own way, and has a different way of expressing how it feels to them.

Some people want to write about their own lives and the journey they have taken, some like to imagine a fantasy world, others see comedy at every turn.

The main thing is that each person's story, and how they tell it, is unique.

Writing by deafblind people that is powerful and challenging has been celebrated at Sense's third creative writing awards ceremony in London.

Sense was delighted to welcome Rebecca Front, star of The Thick of It and Grandma's House to host a moving ceremony at the Geffrye Museum, London on 17 April 2012.

There were emotional readings by many of the shortlisted entries from people who had sent in poems, short stories and other pieces to the competition.

Each of the winners received a cheque for £150. In addition, we were thrilled to receive a £1,000 donation for each winner from the magazine Candis. These donations will go to a Sense project in the winners' area.

Best piece of writing by a deafblind adult

Helene Ryles

glad to be me

glad to live as i
with all i can do
glad when i am not in pain
or in the blue

glad that i can read in braille
internet friends and exciting tales
inspiring and comforting dots
help me through the bleakest spots

Best piece of writing by a deafblind child

Rhys Fullick and Jake Peckeridge

The story of Longee

The sun was rising over North Korea, its rays shone down over the streets of Hamhung. Longee Ozoh woke up, he stretched and then got about of bed. He walked out into his parents' room; his parents were looking through a long book. Eight year old Ying Ozoh was sitting on his parent's bed with them. Longee and his parents were sighted but Ying was blind.

Best piece of writing by a young sibling of a deafblind person

Matthew Baines

My Deafblind Brother

I love my brother called Mark,
He is always cheerful and happy.
Strangely he's a very good shot with a brick,
For someone who can't see very well.
I love my brother called Mark,
Because when he is sad,
I can always cheer him up,
And always make him smile.

Best piece of writing by a family member or carer

Jane Ring

Letter to Myself

Dear Jane,

Today, Friday 13 June 2008, is a momentous day for you. Today you are going to give birth to your first child. Do you know what? You will astonish everybody. The labour will be quick and painful but you will manage without pain relief, not even paracetamol. The real gut wrenching agony will come later. She is so beautiful, your baby girl. You have wanted to become a mum for ages and it feels incredible. You don't sleep the first night because you can't stop staring at her. Please make sure you enjoy this precious time, the first few weeks in your happy bubble with Neil and Chloe. This is the time with your family that you will never get back.

Best piece of writing by any individual on the subject of deafblindness

Sharon Maybury

I am your Voice

I am your eyes,
I see the world that surrounds you, and the people it contains
I see the emotions that you evoke, and the reactions you demand
I see the challenges that you embrace, and the obstacles you defy
I see the intolerance of strangers, and the curiosity of children.

Rebecca Front and Gill Morbey CEO talk about the awards


Candis Club

Candis Club sponsored the Express Yourself 2012 creative writing competition.

Thank you, Candis Club!

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Monday 12 May 2014