Cornwall branch

The Sense Cornwall branch is part of Sense and is delivered by parents/carers, young people and sponsored by local businesses and education settings within the community so we can deliver activities and support to parents and we are growing.

We sit in between The GOT (Get Out There) Group Project, Cornwall Sense Community Support Services and the GOT Plus Project working together as a team delivering services in the community. The Sense Cornwall branch is a volunteered based project and we deliver all our own activities which are parent/carer supported. Sense Cornwall branch actively fundraise, work with local funders, deliver events/activities and projects to support the community and the branch works under the Sense umbrella.

Our main aims include:

  • Establish and develop Sense as a provider of specialist services within the County of Cornwall
  • Provide an opportunity for a Support network for parents and carers of deafblind people
  • Actively fundraise to support people with deafblindness of all ages to access a range of activities in Cornwall
  • Raise awareness on the issues that are relevant to the specific needs of people with deafblindness

We look forward to welcoming new members to our Sense Cornwall branch.

Contact details of our chair Anne Kelly are as follows:

First published: Tuesday 17 May 2016
Updated: Tuesday 17 October 2017