Community resource centres (day services)

Our Sense day services and resource centres offer individually tailored programmes to deafblind people, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and abilities.

Two women looking at a large screen and pointingIn our fully accessible and adapted centres, skilled specialist staff work closely with adults or children with sight and hearing impairments or associated disabilities to develop independent living and life skills or to help individuals experience new learning or creative activities.

The person-centred programmes created include both individual and group work as well as community engagement mixed with centre-based sessions.

Our centres - each predominantly specialising in either children’s or adult care - use colour contrasts and tactile surfaces to facilitate independent mobility around the facilities. 

Each individual will be assessed by Sense staff and the information can be used to support access to an individual budget from the person’s local authority.


With a focus on communication, our centres work with the deafblind person’s preferred means of communication. This may include Sign Supported English, British Sign Language (BSL), the deafblind manual alphabet, braille and technological aids. Communication methods such as objects of reference and symbol-based communication systems are also used.

Care Quality Commission logo

Our services are inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). You can view the inspection reports and ratings as they become available on our website.

Information and communication technology (ICT) skills are taught in learning rooms with specialist equipment. To further advance social skills, community activities, such as shopping, gardening or cooking are also organised and supported by our centres.

Feel-good factor

Our relaxation and massage rooms provide a feel-good factor, while learners can also boost their confidence or just have fun by accessing hydrotherapy and swimming at our centres and local pools. Our welcoming centres are great places for families to meet together and catch-up, too.

Sense College

Sense College is an Independent Specialist College (ISC) operating in the East Midlands and the East of England.

The college is committed to providing the best quality education and lifelong learning experience by supporting young people and adults with sensory loss and additional disabilities – and a broad range of needs and abilities. We do this through offering a range of Education and Everyday Living programmes to meet the differing needs of educational learners and adult social care/day service individuals.

Sense College operates on a geographically dispersed, multi-site delivery model, from six of our resource centres.

List of resource centres

For further information please contact one of our resource centres below.

For children and families

TouchBase South East (formerly Anne Wall Centre), Barnet, North London - services for children
Manor House Nursery, Northern Ireland
Manor Lodge Centre, Peterborough - services for children
Woodside Family Centre, Kingswood, Bristol

For adults

TouchBase South East (formerly Anne Wall Centre), Barnet, North London - services for adults
Aldeby Resource Centre, Aldeby, Beccles, Suffolk
Ashley Court, Rotherham
Bourne Resource Centre, Bourne, East Lincolnshire
Cambridge Resource Centre, Knapwell, Cambridgeshire
Dereham Resource Centre, Dereham, Norfolk
Glenside Resource Centre, Spalding, Lincolnshire
Hampton Resource Centre, Hampton, Peterborough
Keech Resource Centre, Streatley, Luton
Meadow Bank Resource Centre, Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland
Providence Court, Exeter
Rodney Clark Resource Centre, Wakefield
Rothwell Resource Centre, Kettering
The SMART Centre and Garden Room, Smethwick, West Midlands
Windsor Resource Centre, Louth, North Lincolnshire

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Friday 6 January 2017