Communication and Usher

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Communication is essential for everyone. For a person with Usher, good communication is vital to prevent isolation, depression and other possible psychological problems. 

People with Usher will often need to develop new communication skills once their sight starts to change. They will choose their preferred style of communication depending on what best suits them. There is no right or wrong style of communication, as it is essential for you, as somebody with Usher, to decide the best way to communicate with the world around you. 

Why does communication change for people with Usher?

Each person with Usher has individual needs regarding their communication. The degree of remaining vision, as well as level of hearing can determine their choice of communication. Invariably, a person with Usher has to spend additional time and significant energy attempting to retrieve everyday information compared with other people.

Communication can be very challenging when a person’s vision deteriorates and their communication methods do not alter overnight to align with this change. It can take a number of years before there is a need to change a person’s communication style, but preparation is key. 

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Created: February 2016

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First published: Wednesday 2 December 2015
Updated: Thursday 4 February 2016