Ching-He Huang

Ching-He HuangChing-He Huang is the face of Chinese cooking on British TV. She is a foodie entrepreneur and ambassador to Chinese cooking in Britain. Born in Taiwan raised in South Africa and London, Ching moved to Britain when she was 11. 
Through her cooking she has remained close to her Chinese culture and heritage and to learn and share it with great passion.  A self-taught and passionate cook, Ching launched her own food company, Fuge Ltd, fresh  from graduating from university. It was while she was running her food production kitchen catering for Blue chip companies in London that led her to become TV’s hottest new  Chinese chef. 
Ching’s dynamic approach to modern Chinese food led to a television presence, her popular shows, “Ching’s Kitchen” (Good Food Channel), “Chinese Food Made Easy” (BBC2), and “Ching’s Chinese Food in Minutes (Channel Five), Easy Chinese: San Francisco (Cooking Channel) have all been licensed and shown on various networks throughout the World. 
Ching has appeared in numerous Food and TV programmes and continues to champion Chinese cooking through her various media appearances.
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First published: Monday 3 June 2013
Updated: Thursday 15 October 2015