CHARGE syndrome

CHARGE is a challenging genetic condition that can affect all ages.

The most common problems are with the ears, eyes, heart and nose – although there are a wide range of other difficulties that people can have.

It is believed that in 50 per cent of children with CHARGE the condition is due to a gene mutation. This can mean that babies need to undergo vital surgery, and that a child may take longer to reach their development milestones.

A child speaking with an adult through sign language

Although CHARGE is a complicated condition, Sense knows many children and adults who have been supported to rise above their difficulties, achieving far more than was originally thought possible.

Sense help includes:

  • Practical advice and support for people with CHARGE
  • Specialist assessments to ensure each child can develop and learn
  • Support, information and events for families
  • Support at key times of change for all ages

To find out more about the services we offer please contact our Information and Advice team. 

Other support

The CHARGE Family Support Group is run by the parents of people with CHARGE and is a useful source of information and support.

Information to download

Sense has produced a new CHARGE Information Pack for Practitioners which offers comprehensive information of interest to professionals and families.


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First published: Thursday 22 March 2012
Updated: Monday 17 October 2016