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A group campaign outside WestminsterCampaigning is how you can help to create a better world for deafblind people.  Our campaign guides and tips will help you to get started.

Personal experience and stories are powerful campaign tools.  This means that deafblind people, their families, friends and supporters are the most powerful campaigners on deafblind issues.  Whatever your skills or interests, there are campaign actions that will suit you .

Our campaign guides and tips explore how campaigns work and describe and explain some of the most frequently used campaign actions.  Whether you want to join in with one of Sense’s campaigns or campaign on something else, they will help you to get started.  Please get in touch with us at if you want further information.

An example of how campaigning works in practice

How to write an effective campaign letter

How to use complaints to help a campaign

How to make the most of meetings 

Lobbying local authorities  

Lobbying the UK Parliament 

Lobbying the National Assembly for Wales and Welsh Government

Lobbying the European Union

How to plan a campaign of your own

Deciding who a campaign needs to influence

How to get information to help your campaign

How to get publicity for your campaign

Useful information about voting

Get involved

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First published: Monday 16 April 2012
Updated: Tuesday 20 December 2016