Braille notetakers

What is a braille notetaker and how can it help?

Braille Sense Plus Querty Notetaker | © TechreadyA braille notetaker is a portable computer with a braille display and either a Perkins-style keyboard or a qwerty keyboard.

Braille notetakers usually contain software that includes word processors, spreadsheets and programs for accessing web pages and email. Notetakers may have keyboard shortcuts for frequently used operations and will often have Ethernet (network) ports and a socket for connecting to a phone line.

If it can be connected to a phone line this is usually done to allow you to use it as a textphone. 

What should I look for when buying one?

Braille notetakers are, in essence, small computers so it is worth asking about its range of functions. If you often work with Microsoft documents check how well the notetaker handles these. If you would be interested in using your notetaker for phone calls ask whether it can do this.

Braillenote Apex Qty 18 | © HumanwareBraille notetakers are expensive and if you have one you will be likely to use it for many different things - so make sure you look for one that feels comfortable to you.

Trade shows will have a selection of models, and manufacturers and retailers should be happy to tell you when they will exhibit at a trade show near you.

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First published: Tuesday 22 May 2012
Updated: Tuesday 15 October 2013