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Annual Review 2015/16 - 'A Special Connection'

Sense supports people with a range of challenges, talents and aspirations. Read the stories of the different people Sense supports in the Annual Review 2015/16.

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Annual Review 2015 - 'Ready, Get Set, Action!'

People with deafblindness, and other complex disabilities, can achieve remarkable things.  For a powerful and inspiring picture of how Sense supported individuals and families in 2015, read the Annual Review 2015.

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Review 2013-14 - 'Growing stronger together' 

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Review 2012 - 'Growing stronger together'

Our CEO Gillian Morbey introduces our new strategy for the future.
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Review 2011 - 'Creative times' 

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Review 2009 - 'Passionate, practical and progressive'

Featuring Sense's specialist services for adults and children who are deafblind and their families.
Review 2008 - 'Innovate'

Review 2008 - 'Innovate'

Features Sense's specialist and individually tailored support for deafblind children, adults and their families, plus new opportunities for older people with sensory loss, and campaigns for making things better for deafblind people.
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Review 2007 - 'Connect'

Shows just how much of our work is underpinned by successful partnerships between deafblind people, their families, and the people who work for Sense.
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Review 2006 - 'People power'

When deafblind people, families, and Sense workers put their backs to the wheel a huge amount can be achieved. This review explains how the 'See Me Hear Me' campaign is making a real difference to the lives of deafblind people.
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First published: Friday 1 June 2012
Updated: Friday 6 January 2017