Adult social care

Sense is campaigning for high quality social care which supports people to be independent, healthy and fully engaged in their community.

Without good social care it is hard for people who are deafblind and those with complex needs to look after their physical and mental health, and contribute to the community.

Social care support can include communicator guides, intervenors, equipment and mobility training as well as care homes, care at home or supported living. This makes the difference between living an active and healthy life or being isolated and cut off from the local community.

What we are doing?

In England the Care Act has changed the way social care is provided. We are campaigning to ensure that all people who are deafblind and those with complex needs, as well as their carers have access to the high quality person-centred care they are entitled to under the Care Act.

In Wales, the Social Services and Well-being Act has been passed. It is now important that the Act is implemented well, and that councils in Wales receive enough resources to ensure that people who are deafblind and those with complex needs benefit from this piece of landmark legislation.

Recently, there has been a lot of news coverage about cuts to social care expenditure. In response, the government announced an additional £2 billion would be awarded to the sector and that a review on reforming social care undertaken, so that the sector can better meet the needs of people with care and support needs.

This is something we support and believe is long overdue. We will be working with the government to make sure this is a success for the people we support.

Our approach

All our work and campaigning on social care will be informed by people with lived experience and by research. We will use this approach to make a compelling, evidenced based case to government and local authorities to ensure people with care and support needs receive the support they are entitled to, and that services are high quality and person-centred.

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First published: Wednesday 4 April 2012
Updated: Wednesday 5 April 2017