Accommodation choices

Two people ordering in a barSense offers a range of housing options where you can be supported to run your day-to-day life, to be as independent as possible, to be part of your community and to thrive.

In our residential services, Sense provides and runs the accommodation as well as supporting all aspects of your daily needs and wellbeing.

In our supported living services, you are the tenant or homeowner in your own right, with Sense providing the support you need to enjoy a more independent life.

We use our communication expertise and person-centred approach to make sure that you are at the heart of planning and developing your service, giving you choice and control of your life. Whether it is shopping for food, furnishing a room, following an education programme or going to the gym, we will support you to express your preferences and to make them happen.

All our housing services are registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

First published: Thursday 8 September 2016
Updated: Friday 9 September 2016