The Accessible Information Standard - time to review

10 January 2017

Following almost three years of work by NHS England, voluntary sector partners and disabled people, the Accessible Information Standard became mandatory on 1st August 2016.

The Accessible Information Standard sets out what health and social care providers must do to make their services accessible for people with sensory impairments and disabilities. This includes providing information in accessible formats, communication support for appointments and contacting people in a way that’s accessible to them.

NHS England is now carrying out a review of the Standard to look at it’s impact, and is asking people who use services, people who run services and people who commission services to feedback on their experiences of the Standard.  The review has been launched and you can get involved and share your experiences by completing the survey for patients, service users, carers and parents.

Complete the survey online, or you can download the survey (MS Word), in audio format, a British Sign Language video, or as an easy read. Braille is also available on request from NHS England. To request a copy of the survey in braille email or call 0300 311 22 33.

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