About William

Sense’s specialist support helps deafblind children and their families overcome the challenges to communication.

How Sense supports William

William’s condition means that he can't process sights and sounds. He will probably never learn to speak or use sign language. So his mother Helen was worried about how he would communicate and make friends.

When Barbara from Sense came to visit, she knew just how to help. Now William knows when his mum or teacher is talking to him, by feeling their lips and the vibrations in their throat. He responds and sometimes smiles. He’s even started pre-school and takes the bus there each day with one of his new friends.

“Sense had the knowledge that nobody else had. They enabled us to better understand our son, to know how to better communicate with him. And that, in turn, meant we could get others to communicate with him too. That means so much.” 
Helen, William’s mum

Watch a short thank you video from Helen


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First published: Tuesday 27 May 2014
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015