About Vasili

Due to complications after he was born, two-year-old Vasili has severe brain damage, is deafblind and has cerebral palsy.

Vasili and his mumHow Sense supports Vasili

Vasili finds it hard to control his arms and legs, and he cannot sit up without support.  But Sense worker Anne has been helping Vasili progress through play and stimulation.

She also suggested the family try ‘Tuning-in,’ Sense's programme to help parents pick up on the small signals children use to communicate.

At Tuning-in, Anne noticed Vasili liked to be rolled on his side so he could feel the sunshine on his face. And when he had this reason to move, he began to roll from side to side on his own. From this he began to use rolling to move around!


Your gift of £133 could help a child like Vasili to communicate through a Tuning-in session.

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First published: Wednesday 4 March 2015
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015